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Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Granite Falls North

6720 Yds, par 72, Slope 120, by Greg Nash & Billy Caspar

They don't say much on the web site, but none of these Sun City Courses do . . . then again, there is not much to say, if you know what I mean . . . the course is very nice, well maintained, not too challenging, occasionally interesting, wide-open . . .

I had a 48-40=88, with my two birdies; Mr Science had a 39-38=77, with no birdies, just 5 bogeys . . . consistent mediocrity, I call it . . . 8^D . . .

There's a few holes that stick in my head:

#18, the Granite Falls Hole, if you see what I mean, with rocky breastworks defending the green in addition to the large water hazard in front . . . it ought not be an issue, since it's a par 5, unless one wanted to go for it in 2, but it seemed like a very awkward distance -- tempting, but foolish . . . We wound up playing this hole twice, since we started on 18; both times, I foozled a 6 iron layup, then missed the green, first time I bogeyed, second time a chip-in par from the fringe.

#7 -- I think -- has one of the most devilish greens ever seen anywhere, with oddly shaped tiers that make the approach trepidatious and putts treacherous. It's a shortish par 4, but being closer to the green, seeing what's in front of you, is no help here . . .

#16, a long par 4, and uphill to an even more elevated green. I think our Sun City Host told us that this hole was built by the main entrance without the rest of the course, to give a flavor of the golf resort, without the expense, if you see what I mean . . . it is a beautiful hole . . . and tough, too . . . The scorecard says I had a bogey-5, but I coulda sworn I made a par there: Hit the kind of smother-hook I do now with my new driver when I muscle up and still had 200 yards to the green for the approach. Absolutely scorched a 5 wood, but to the wrong side, leaving me with a very long putt down to the bottom tier on the right side of the green. I remember making a good lag putt, but I mighta missed the come-backer.

All during the front 9, I was driving the ball well, averaging 260 yds, at least . . . but then blading my wedges over the green, till finally, I accidentally rebuked my PW into two pieces -- played much better without the traitorous PW on the back 9 . . .

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