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Saturday, June 20, 2009


1st Tournament, 1st Place

My first tournament in the Czech Republic: I intended to confound the Czech Bureacracy that had consigned me to the depths of Dufferdom with a 54 handicap by shooting a 90 in the tournament, thus netting a 36 for 18 holes . . . despite my lingering premonition that this might lead to unpleasantness -- I don't know what the penalty for sandbagging in CZ is, but I bet it's pretty severe! . . .8^D . . .It didn't work out that way . . .


Monday, June 15, 2009


In The Rough

Mr Science:

The duffer takes his 3-wood out of the bag, and sets it down behind the ball, in deep rough. He lifts it, waggles, sets it down again a little harder. And again and again. Steps on the grass behind the ball, looks at the green and at the 200-yard marker, and says to his caddy: "What do you think, 3 wood?"



Green Card

Playing golf in CZ is not as easy as in the US, where you just show up and flash some green . . . here, you must be accredited by the Czech Golf Federation (CGF) . . . in some ways, it is entirely understandable & desirable . . . . I mean if most of your players are very new to the game, since golf was considered the foppish undertaking of the very wealthy, until very recently . . . as it was in the US many years ago . . . then you really do need some way to orient players to the game and ensure they have at least the minimal skills to get around the links . . .





Kolf Per Club Praha

From the clubhouse of Club Praha . . . a representation of the Dutch Game Kolf, played on ice, with hockey sticks . . . I always wondered: When they holed a putt, did the ball disappear into the canal, or was it a puck?


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