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Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Paraprose about a Pair of Pros

Mr Science Reports, solo, once again . . .

I played the Legacy today with the Golfing Queen. Long story, started at the FBR open at a booth where they were offering a free entry for a drawing for something related to golf... I signed up for the timeshare tour, and they gave us some coupons for cookies at Paradise bakery, two nights in Page, AZ, and two free rounds of golf at the Legacy. We're going to Page on May 20, going to play at Lake Powell National golf club... but today, they paired us up with .... TWO PROFESSIONAL GOLFERS !!

Karen Kershaw and Megan Godfrey are assistant pros at Rio Verde. Megan is also a TOURING PRO, not LPGA, but she has three top sixes on the Cactus Tour http://www.thecactustour.com/home.html They were there because The Cactus Tour is at the Legacy next week, and Megan had never seen the course before. Karen is her caddy.

Other than the three holes with Greg and Tiffany at Rocky Point last week, I have played one round with a pro in a pro-am tournament, but never before on a regular day. I've been walking scorer on the PGA and LPGA Tours, and when they're working, most of the pros are very focused on their game, and not a barrel of laughs to be with. There have been a few exceptions (one mentioned below). Today was just a fun day of golf for them, so we had a great time. Megan was taking notes on the course, but I don't think she really cared what score she shot, except that she and Karen had a little bet going :)

I tried not to be intimidated, but it was hard. Megan and I played from the same tees, and there were a couple of times I outdrove her, but only when I hit my best shot, and then only by a yard or two. I hit no greens in regulation on the front. On the back nine I relaxed a little, and shot a respectable 40, despite two 3-putts.

The Golfing Queen was not intimidated at all. In fact, she made the first birdie in the group. She sank a 15-footer for a deuce on the 7th. 17 is a long par 3. Megan hit 5-wood, I hit 3-iron, and we ended up within a couple feet of each other on the right fringe, with the pin on the left. A sucker pin, on the top shelf behind a cavernous bunker. She hadn't been too happy with her tee shot -- it was supposed to draw more, and roll toward the pin -- but when we got to the ball she noted that we were in good shape. We both chipped to about 10 feet past the pin, and I was away. I made my downhill breaker, and Megan missed.

On the 18th tee, Karen and Megan were chatting while I hit (not that it bothered me, it didn't. Megan apologized, but I've been known to hit with helicopters flying overhead, and I've hit a tree branch on my backswing on a tee shot and not even noticed it.

(Something "pops" everytime Mr Science hits the apex of his backswing -- sounds like an ankle to me -- our playing partners have often commented on it: "WHAT was That?", but Mr Science never notices it himself, either.)

The point, as you'll see, is that Karen wasn't watching), and after Megan hit Karen began walking to the next set of tees, and called back to make sure I had already hit. I said yes, and then, loudly enough to be sure Megan heard, "Yes, I had the honor". That wasn't the only time, but it was rare, and I was proud of it.

Megan went to Illinois U, and just graduated last year. Karen grew up in Peabody, Ma. Small world story #1, Karen graduated from High School in Peabody the same year the Golfing Queen graduated from Salem State College, in the town next door. Many of Karen's classmates also went to Salem State. Never mind what year.

On the 18th, Megan hit her best fairway wood of the day, and remarked that she finally hit one "on the screws". I have to wonder if she's ever seen a club with screws, except maybe hanging on the wall in the pro shop, never mind hit a ball with one. 8^D It's funny what makes you feel old sometimes. 8^0

I asked Megan if she had played anyone famous in college, like maybe Brittany Lang, but she hadn't. Then I remembered that Sara Lynn Sargent , who I had kept score for in The Safeway International Tournament was from Chicago, and I asked if she knew her.

Small world story #2, It turns out Megan and Sara are good friends. So we both noted (not to say "gushed over") what a delightful person Sara is, and I must say they deserve each other. Megan and Karen are delightful as well, and it was most enjoyable playing with them.

Megan, if you're reading this, say Hi to Sara for me. And give her the url for the blog, so she can read her entry. I think I may have to go watch a Cactus Tour tournament. I wonder if they have walking scorers?

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