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Monday, February 13, 2017


Mr Science Eagles

At the Western Skies Golf Course in Gilbert, AZ this last weekend, there was an occasion of note:

Mr Science had his 9th eagle, by his count from 90yds out on the par5 #3 , and then there was a scientific experiment that demonstrates just why Mr Science is called Mr Science, instead of Jackalope John.

that's my incipient birdie putt in the background . . . 

Mr Science has been reluctant to provide a list of his eagles. I have been witness now to 4 of them, here in Arizona. Mr Science is a slow, not to say leisurely, player, studious and deliberate . . . it is impossible to object, however, since he so frequently has made long putts and chip-in birdies, over-and-above the eagles, so I seethe in silence. A cursory google search of the blog shows:
·         http://www.grayhawkgolf.com/frys_electronics_open/  reference to one eagle at the Grayhawk Golf Club in Scottsdale
·         http://www.lascolinasgolfclub.com/ an eagle at Las Colinas
dang, there ought to be more references – I blame the inadequate technology of Google Search
 . . . 8^D . . .

So he wound up with a 33-42=75 (we both did worse on the back 9, tho’ that was his best 9 on the front, ever) – I had 42-47=89, just totally unable to make any putt, or any up-and-down . . . I call those 3 putts, too, so I had 5 or 6 of those on the back 9, plus 1 blow-up hole on a par 5 against the wind, where, frustrated with my three wood, I kong-sliced it into what Mr Science called the Most Unplayable Lie he’d ever seen.

So: on the hole where he got his eagle, I had a birdie putt, but went 6 feet past. The comebacker hung on the lip, so I was waiting for it to fall in, or not . . . our playing companion bent down to give it to me, but I shouted, “No, don’t touch it” and mr Science said, “Cover it with your shadow!”

“Huh?” we others both expostulated.

Mr Science strode purposely towards the hole till his shadow covered my ball, and while we was all 3 watching, the ball jumped into the hole like a Mexican jumping bean.


“The photons from the Sun,” Mr Science explained, ”were holding it up out of the hole, even with the wind.”

My ball was on the windward side of the hole, but on the side of the hole opposite the sun, and according to Mr Science, the solar waves of photons were holding my ball up, even against the 3-club wind we were fighting all day . . . 8^0 . . . I don’t know what to think, but I know what I saw.

I can't believe i didn't video it, but it happened so fast and belief and understanding were in short supply, even tho' I had my camera out already for the photos . . . 8^/ . . . 


*1 Mr Science’s ace is at Continental Golf Club, a par 60, 3700 yd executive course . . . which has made it my sad duty to inform Mr Science that the USGA has ruled cannot host an official Hole-In-One.

*9 I think Mr Science’s real eagle total is now 10, not 9 . . .  on the blog, in the entry concerning one of my eagles (at Sanctuary) there was conversation THEN that eagle meant I was 8 behind, which would have been 1 and 9 at that time.

1. Farmington Woods, #6. Par 5, on in 2, 20-foot putt.
2. Cranberry Valley, #10. Par 5, on in 2, 45-foot putt.
3. Falmouth CC, #10. Par 5, on in 2, 22-foot putt.
Those were my first three eagle putts ever. I have missed a couple since then.
4. Grayhawk, #7. Par 5, chip in.
5. Las Colinas. Par 5, chip in.
6. Sun City Grand, #2. Par 4, 7 iron from the desert.
7. Somewhere with Dave. Par 5, 5 iron from the rough.
8. Continental, #15. Par 3, 9 iron.
9. Western Skies, #3. Par 5, gap wedge from the fairway.

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