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Saturday, December 10, 2016


How to Flush Your Fairway Woods

Contrary to my experience
which is that golf tips in magazines 
do more to hurt my game than help it
i found this 2 page illustration 
in the most recent Golf Magazine
"How to Flush Your Fairway Woods"
and particularly pertinent to my own issues

my fairway woods had abandoned me 
gradually over the last two years
but they had become inconsistent further back than that, even
to the degree that even my driver lost its power & trajectory . . . 
the driver came back slowly, 
but the fairway woods still seemed mysterious 
not only off the deck, but off a tee, too . . . 
so i finally in desperation went to the range to work it out
Tuesday, hit a large bucket, 
maybe 1-in-20 was not shameful
even so i had not given up
had settled in for the long-haul 
re-discovering the fairway wood
(one is just not going to reach many par 5s in 2 without a fairway wood)
when the title of the article caught my eye
as i was scanning the issue
and all three points resonated with me,
but the idea of moving the ball up in my stance 
especially . . . 
in my baseball stance, 
with my baseball grip
and my baseball swing
i tend to address the ball more centrally than most
and i guess it had gotten toooo central . . .

as soon as i moved back of the ball
i started hammerin' 7-woods over the 200 yd marker at the range . . . 
i started playing imaginary par 5s at ahwatukee,
playing driver-3w, driver-5w, driver-7w
and couldn't hit a ball wrong
until i went all-the-way-gorilla 
and brought the pull hook back into play  . . . 
easy fix for that, just don't swing so hard . . . 8^) . . .

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