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Friday, May 27, 2016


Ocean Course at Kiawah_Mr Science Reports

Mr Science has entered a new campaign of exploration: an attempt to play the #1 Public course in every state as he "fifth-wheels" around the lower 48. . . . So I infer, on his list, The Ocean Course at Kiawah Island would qualify for South Carolina. No Issue with That . . . 86) . . . 

Another good round!  Another 84, but on a higher course rating and slope.  2nd in a row that was my best differential of the past 20.  24 putts, 2 in the water, 5 times chipped twice on the same hole, and one triple bogey, without doing any of those things.  Coulda been a 75.  Or 77, since there was an improbable 0-putt and a 30-footer that went in.

I was starting to think I really could play.  After a bogey on #1, I made 6 pars.  7 putts on 6 holes.  Including one hole with two chips and no putts.  The Pete Dye greens are very elevated,

and from the collection area 6 feet below the green my first lob wedge almost made it to the top, but rolled all the way back to my feet.  The second one crashed into the pin and dropped in the hole for a par.

There were dangerous beasts on some of the holes

I made a 5-foot birdie putt on #13, which was the hardest hole in the PGA when it was last played here in 2012.

And made par on the signature 17th

We had a very light shower the last few holes, and it was windy all day, but the downpour held off until after we had finished.

Heading to Pinehurst tomorrow.

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