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Thursday, April 28, 2016


2 Missed Eagles at Ahwatukee 16-04-28

  1st miss today, 3rd on this hole, in the last 2 years . . . 
517 yds, call it 512 with the front pin, par 5, on the right, 
not hidden like usual behind the bunker that fronts the green on the left
a weakish drive, with a strong tailing wind, say, 281, with lots of roll . . . 
5wood 229, pin high, almost, just on the fringe
pushed/misread putt, 38 feet
wound up 3 ft past on the right
made the birdie, anyway.
  once again, on 18, 505 yards, par 5 
I hit a great tee shot 
with excellent trajectory, power draw, into the wind, 261 yds.
likewise on the 3wood, except no power draw, nor help from the wind, 235 yds.
left me in the trap, with no realist chance to get near the pin . . . 
wedged over the green 3 or 4 yards, then couldn't even get up and down from there (short game was turrible all day, putting & chipping) . . . Bogey

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