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Wednesday, December 09, 2015


We Ko Pa Saguaro

Contender for nicest halfway house in arizona . . . Tapatio / Pointe Hilton course designed by Bill Johnson had marble bathrooms, but don't remember the halfway house . . . .
Landscape with hand-carts




 Note unusual red stalk . . . .


 #5 Par 3

 #6 Par 4 . . . . after making a hash of the prior 2 holes, I hit a kinda defensive push line-drive to the right rough.
 Then hit a career 3iron  almost pin high
 almost my favorite birdie of all time, but just a par . . . 8^/


 #9 Par 3


 #11 Par 3

 #12 Par 4 . . . altho'my driver had been serviceable the whole day, on this hole, downwind, I uncorked a drive high down the middle, . . . say, 290 yds. . . . Our playing companions exclaimed, when they noticed, WHO is that way down the fairway . . . Who's your Daddy, I answered . . . 8^D
 Well, let's see who's closer after second shots said Mr Science . . . then he lashed his 3wood just short of the green . . .
  I hit a knockdown 9iron to the green and let it roll up, say 15 ft short of the pin. Well that settles that sez I. Best 2 of 3 sez Mr Science. my first putt was just inside his chip shot, and we both parred.
 #13 Par 4, almost the same story, didn't get my trajectory, but a solid hit, maybe 270 yds. Well past Mr Science.
 As I recall, both my 2nd shot, and first putt were inside his, but he made his par putt and I missed a 5 footer.
 #14 Par 5, HCP #2 . . . a bodacious par 5 . . . Mr Science hit a pooch of a drive that faded into the trash in the middle of the divided fairway . . . I had to sing "Down In The Gully, the Gully so low . . . " . . . 8^D . . . and then powered my drive straight towards the hole something over 250 yds.
 Mr science poked at his ball ineffectively from a restricted swing, so his 3rd shot hadda be from the trash, too. His third got back into the short grass but well back from the green. Meanwhile, I feathered a gorgeous 2iron over the trash into the rough 55 yds from the green. Then Mr Science hits a fairway wood 8 feet pin high . . . I push my half-wedge to the back of the green, then putt down a few inches inside Mr Science. but he makes his par putt and I miss mine. So I'm tired of THAT game . . .
 #15 Par 3 totally mangled this hole, still trying to work out my 1iron.

 #16 Par 4 I mainly remmber this hole from the last time I played cuz Mrs parred it and I bogeyed fom the rough between the pin and the trap . . . 8^/ . . . I had hit 3wood that time. This time I tried to smooth the driver, instead, and steerjobbed it into the weeds left of the green. Coulda chipped out and tried up and down, but instead I chopped it out at the green, and 1-hopped over into the trash.



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