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Friday, April 17, 2015


La Quinta

The Dunes course is a Pete Dye design.  RR Ties everywhere, diabolical water hazards, mounds ... I’m not going to post all the pictures .

I was back to my old self on the front 9, but then for 7 holes on the back it was there again ... 2 over par ... then 6 over on the last two.  88 total (87 adjusted), two birdies.

#6, 173 yards.  Took 2 in the bunker there.

#8, 3 putts from 27 feet.

#9, but there are a few more tee shots like this

17 and 18 are doglegs around the lake.  They have unmown grass between the fairways, thick, about a foot tall, and they said don’t bother looking for a ball, play it as a lateral hazard.  Like the desert rule.  I hit a couple into that, and they’re right, don’t bother looking.

I heard on the radio 100 miles of I-80 are closed due to wind, semi’s are getting blown over.  Supposed to be 70 mph gusts here tonight and tomorrow.  I hope it clears up by Thursday.  Or maybe that course will be sheltered, too, like this one was on the leeward side of the mountains.

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