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Thursday, June 27, 2013


Intersection of Law & Golf

"The golfer is responsible for making sure that other golfers are out of the way before they hit," said Robert Lang, a New York-based lawyer who has handled dozens of golf-related cases. "Yes, it's true they aren't responsible for hitting someone one or two holes away because they slice a ball, but if you're on the tee and someone is near the green of the hole you are aiming at and you hit that person, you're liable."

And we have some experience with that, don't we? Isn't it a legal precedent that the player on the green that gets hit by a ball from the tee, especially on a par 4, is allowed to deflect that ball to the lie of his choice?
this is de-minimus . . .
not only one's person, but one's vicinity, as in golf cart, you may recall (at the Boulders?) I have always been adamantly opposed to any-and-all gun-play on golf courses, but in my old age, I may change my mind . . . have not been driven into from behind a single time in Europe, thos from the side, several times . . . 8&) . . .while in AZ, there were 5 or 6 EGREGIOUs occasions

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