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Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Fox Hopyard, Connecticut

Mr Science reports:


I played a course in CT yesterday, forgot my camera.  http://golfthefox.com/fox-hopyard/course/

Tree-lined fairways, lots of uphill and downhill, but only one dramatic hole, a par-3 with a 90-foot drop.  Beautiful views, fall colors.  Harder than its course rating and slope would indicate.  Well-maintained, with fast, smooth greens.  Some had too much slope for their speed, and it sometimes wasn't possible to stop a downhill put within 10 feet past the hole. Or else it was "greenskeeper's revenge" day for pin placements.

Almost every hole had a water hazard, "environmentally sensitive areas".  A few were forced carries from the tee, one of them almost 200 yards.  It's amazing that the non-sensitive areas on this piece of land were in the exact shape of a golf course!
Not walker-friendly, lots of long treks from green to tee, or around the ESAs.  That par 3 was a 155-yard shot, and about a 400-yard walk down the hill.

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