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Saturday, August 01, 2009


Club Praha Tournaj - B Prvni Misto

Yeh, I did it again. 1st place in the B group, finishing with a 39-50=89 . . . Prizes included a Bohemian Crystal Trophy, a Club Praha Coffee mug, a Club Praha golf shirt, a darkovou kartu (a gift card) to a sushi restaurant, some tees & ballmark tools, and an umbrella . . . I traded the umbrella for some balls instead to a fellow who needed an umbrella . . . 8^) . . .they lowered my handicap to 21 . . . it needs to be 20 or less to get into the A group . . .8^( . . . really, that's more important to me than winning a B flight tournaj . . . but I wanted that coffee cup, B-a-a-a-a-a-d!



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