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Thursday, July 30, 2009


Golf Clubs - Brands or Clones?

Kvjetaak asks me . . .

I’m in middle of investigation what would be the procedure for my golf future; as my TopFlite clubs are not building my confidence anymore (after I broke 3 clubs) I’m looking around to find my future clubs and there comes the dilemma:

I need to decide whether it would be better to buy me iron set from world known brand or their clones. The clones clubs are using exactly same process of creation the same materials but still using let’s say 2 years old technologies (which is still quite enough I think)

Or should I go for the known brands such as Callaway and such? What do you think?

I used clone clubs for a long time, because I was too cheap to buy name brands.

The quality can vary a great deal . . . and the imperfections can be hidden in ways you will never discover . . . but experience,

if you see what I mean . . .




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