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Sunday, July 05, 2009


2nd 1st

2nd 1st

Confidently armed with my 31 handicap, I swaggered into the B-Flight tourney looking to conquer, and I almost played well on the front 9 . . . shot a 44 with 3 pars . . . had what I tho't was bad-luck on the last few holes, but wasn't worried . . . .

but it was hot and humid, and the terrain is, as always, grueling, and I think I still suffered some jet lag from our Bermuda Wedding Trip -- at any rate, my legs got tired, and it took herculean concentration to keep all my moving parts in synch . . . so I was very inconsistent on the back 9. Had a 55 with 2 pars, 3 double-bogeys, 2 triple-bogeys, and an 11 on a par 5 . . .


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