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Friday, March 27, 2009


J Golf Phoenix LPGA International presented by Mirassou Day 2

Mr Science Reports:

I was with Beth Bader and Irene Cho today. Jin Young Pak withdrew sometime between last night and this morning. So did Natalie. Lots of them getting sick this week.

Irene has a back problem, too, and after a couple of her drives she practically doubled over. They were long and straight, though, and she hung in there for a 73, making the cut easily. She had 69 yesterday, playing early.

Beth did not fare so well. She was hitting the ball nicely, but missed putts from everywhere outside 3 feet, and one inside. That one inside was on 15, where she was in the left bunker in 2 and took a 7. "No indignity too small" is Cactus Dave's usual remark on such an occasion. Before the 7, she was +7 and in range of making the cut at +5, but that sealed her fate. Of course, on the next hole she made her first birdie of the day, and then finished with 2 pars.

The highlight of the day occurred before I went out, in the volunteer tent. When the walking scorers come in, we have to compare their account of events to what is in the computer, to ensure that it did not change as it passed from them to the hole reporters and into the system. While the morning groups are finishing up, and the afternoon groups are teeing off, the two walking scorer supervisors are overwhelmed getting the new people ready at the same time as checking the stats for the earlier groups. I volunteered to help out during that time, and today we got two more helpers: Sarah and Katie, the cart girls. They were quite a quick study at it, but still it took me most of the morning to train and supervise them. I would like to nominate them as co-CGOM's for March.

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