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Tuesday, March 03, 2009


FBR 2009

Mr Science Reports from the FBR, reluctantly:

I’ll tell you about it. The golf wasn’t very interesting (bloggable) and I don’t want to write about my “honored observers”.

My group Friday was Briny Baird (he didn’t remember me from the Fry’s), Jonathan Kaye (he didn’t remember me from Hartford) and Vaughan Taylor (the only one who introduced himself at the beginning). The standard bearers were interesting, both from AZ but not the Valley, they were here with their golf teams. One was a sophomore at a Jr College, 3 HCP, and the other was a Junior in High School. They were awed at being inside the ropes with the players. Good kids.

All three of them made the cut, but not without their ups and downs. Briny became an expert at the unplayable lie rule, and procedures for the ensuing penalty drop. On the first drop, it rolled more than 2 club lengths, and on the 2nd it rolled exactly 2 driver lengths from the drop point, but more than 2 driver lengths from the tee he had put in the ground to indicate the drop point. I tried to tell him he could use his wedge to measure the club lengths, but he called the rules official, who told him 1) it’s from the point it hits the ground, not from his tee, and 2) he can use any club the wants to measure a “club length”.

He also sent me scurrying for my rule book when he stopped at the practice green on the way from 9 to 10, and hit a few putts there. It turns out that’s OK.

So, maybe it is bloggable, though short.

I ran across an old entry the other day, and the Mr Science Icon was animated . . . something new . . . I mean, I knew it was animated, but it never showed up on the blog before! Kewl!

I was in PRG, but I saw the finish a week later . . . I guess they could show it Monday night, but then what would they show Sunday afternoon? A very Kunderan meditation. . . it was a mess, I'm not surprised Mr Science had not much to blog . . .

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