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Monday, March 02, 2009


Eagle # 2

Like I said before, Lady Bird has some weird holes on it . . .

#5, the par 5 with a forced 3rd shot down a 40 ft bluff to an elevated green, then

#6, the par 3 back uphill that 40 ft bluff, only 126 yds, then

#7, a par 4, 256 yds where you have to hit over a large copse of large live-oaks to go for the green . . . usually very psychologically intimidating, but this day, I just stepped up with my 5wood, gave it an impressively smooth swing, just a hint of draw on a high, high shot, but it kangarooed once on the green then ran off behind . . . I couldn't find a ball mark -- those greens were too hard -- it might've gone in . . . but it was one of those weird situations where I could see the line clear as day, breaking at least 8 foot left-to-right, and I chipped in with a 7iron, barely rattled the pin going in.

Tho' the wind was howling that day (yes, with me on that tee shot), it didn't really trouble me, I drove the ball well all day, but I bladed at least 4 wedges over the green, and the pace of play (very slow) got to me on the back 9 and I lost my concentration so much I even foozled 2 7woods in a row on another par 5. Had a 41 on the front 9 with two 7s, a birdie and an eagle. had 50-something on the back, don't care. . . .

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