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Saturday, October 25, 2008


2008 Fry's.com Open Friday

Mr Science Reports:

I scored for Brett Quigley, Jay Williamson, and Charles Warren today. Brett and Charles made the cut, but Jay didn't, shooting 74 today to go with 73 yesterday.

Charles started bogey-bogey and was 1 over after 9, when his wife and son met him near the 10th tee. She asked how he was doing, and he said "not very well." The kid was playing with the (standard length) putter, which is taller than he is. Then he made birdies at 12, 13, and 15 for a second consecutive 68 and is T32.

Q started out like a house afire, with 3 birdies on the first 4 holes, and ended up with 67 and is T51. Walking down the 18th fairway, he brought out pictures of his kids to show me and the standard bearers (Doug and Robin from Glendale). He has two girls, 18 months and 6 weeks, in Jupiter, FL. We were talking about them coming to see him play on tour later on, and he said he might not be playing later on. I talked a little with him later, and he's frustrated with the game. He said he rates himself on how often he hits his approach shots pin high, and he did that quite often today. He hit 18 GIR, and had 2 bogies, and missed a bunch of putts under 10 feet. The 67 could have been 61. He said that's the best he can play, but it wasn't enough. I asked him what he would be doing in a few years if he's not playing on Tour, and he said "something less stressful". He's been a touring pro since 1991, and made $2.6M in 2006, but is playing fewer tournaments, making fewer cuts, and having fewer high finishes since becoming a father.

Jay seemed to play OK, but had 6 easy bogies. He missed a bunch of short putts, too. He's not as long as the other two, and was hitting driver everywhere, whereas Q hit driver once, I think. Q and Charles hit lots of hybrids off the tees, and even irons on 15, where everyone hits driver and goes for the green. [Davis flew it on, played the backstop behind the pin and sucked it back to about 5 feet (I saw that on TV). Missed the eagle putt, tho.] Still, even after it was obvious that he was headed home for the weekend, Jay maintained his professionalism.

Nathan Green fulfilled the second of my two prophecies about him. Yesterday, after telling Kipp we'd be lucky to get a kick in the butt from him, never mind an autographed golf ball, I also said he might even develop a sudden illness and catch a plane out of town Thursday night. When he didn't show up for his tee time on Friday, it caused some difficulties with the scoring system. At the other end of the spectrum, Kevin Stadler, one of only two players who had a higher score than Nathan, returned to work Friday and tied the course record with a 61, including a bogey at 16. Unfortunately, he needed 58 to make the cut, and would have known that right from the start, but he wasn't about to let a little thing like that get him down.

"Golf doesn't build character, it reveals it".

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