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Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Wildfire - Palmer

7145 Yds, Par 72, Slope 140, by Arnold Palmer

They don't say much. I couldn't find a yardage book from before . . . but then again, I don't want to spend too much time on it, I mean, as much as I lavished on the Faldo course, it's just not . . . .

It's not a bad layout, it just doesn't wow me . . . I mean, the Faldo layout is on the same ground, but somehow it just seems much more interesting . . . there is a danger that my faulty driver this day prejudiced my POV, but then again, this was my opinion from when I played it before, also . . . there's only two holes I wish I had better illustrations for:
On the first hole I kinda blocked my tee shot into the right rough, but I had an easy 9iron into the green, close to the hole, but I missed that little 4ft birdie . . . I knew then I was doomed for the whole day. . . I hit 8 drives into the desert . . . not saying this is a hard driving course, only that I either blocked or pulled every drive till the last 4 holes . . . didn't feel what I was doing wrong until then, when I realized I wasn't just flying my right elbow, but chicken-winging in a way that would make Jim Thorpe grimace.

Once I fixed that I was good.

I always feel like such a curmudgeon saying it, but it really is true that the Palmer courses just lack that sump'n sump'n that would make them great . . . never mind comparing them to Nicklaus courses, just compare these two Wildfire courses, Faldo & Palmer.

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