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Saturday, March 15, 2008


Palo Verde

Mr Science has a moment of self doubt:

This is the 9-hole version of Desert Sands. Not quite, but not enough to get a different rating. Flat, no sand traps, crowing roosters, only one set of tees (at which the Golfing Queen was not amused) but at least the greens were not all identical. There were goats, sheep, and a pony across the street. Good value, $10 to walk and $5 replay. We chose not to replay, though, 9 holes was enough. Pace of play was very slow, even though there were no foursomes in sight. I watched a 130-year old man take 5 practice swings for a 20-yard chip and then flub it.

The only reason to play here is if you have an insane desire to play every golf course in the valley.

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