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Monday, February 11, 2008


Del Lago Tucson

7206 Yds, Par 72, Slope 135, by Nugent Golf
Mr Science Reports from Tucson:

The more I play this course, the better I like it, and I think you'd like it, too. Like Sanctuary, it sort of grows on you, design-wise. It's basically a desert course, with forced carries on most tees, but it has plenty of mounds, irregularly shaped fairways with well-placed sand traps, water hazards, and big elevation changes. Even the most ordinary par 4's have features, so you can't just hit away without thinking about it. Actually, I would say there are no ordinary holes.

Vail is 3500 feet above sea level, and unless I've suddenly discovered the secret of long driving: that helps noticeably. They say 5000 feet is worth 10%, but I was hitting my drives at least 15% longer than I do in Scottsdale, at 1200 feet. On an uphill par 4 of 366 yards, I had 109 to the center for my approach. It didn't affect my irons, though, so maybe it is me. I also played Pro V1's, because that's what the magazine said I should do, and I washed my grips. Plus I'm getting better at my latest swing changes, and I have a new tip that's working well, too.

Jason and I played the gold tees, 6722 yards, 135 slope. From the tips it is 7206 and 142. I shot 81 with one birdie, one bogey, and 8 GIR, and beat Jason's 82, which is an accomplishment now because Jason is a long hitter and is down to a 6 handicap. I asked him if he wanted to come up for the Sun Lakes scramble on May 10, and he's interested. He hit his 4-hybrid second shot onto the back fringe of a 567-yard par 5, and was around the green on two others (550, 485). He could have gotten close to the 9th, too (564), but he laid up to avoid the chasm in front of the green.

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