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Monday, October 15, 2007


Sun City Riverview

6394 yds, Par 72, Slope 116, by Greg Nash

They Say: "Riverview Golf Course is located in the heart of Sun City. This is a beautiful 18 hole facility known for its undulating greens throughout the course. If you can putt on the greens at Riverview, you can putt on any greens."

More of the same: same clubhouse, same greens, same fairways, same tees. Same ol', same ol'.

So it's interesting as to why, instead of a handful of birdies and scores verging on par, we both back-slid; Mr Science, to an 86, and myself, to an 88 with no birdies. Part of it must be that the fairways are very lush -- long grass -- so the roll is minimal; another part of it is that the greens did not roll well -- just growing in good after the re-seeding, I guess . . . as soon as we hit the putts they started hopping . . . hard to judge the speed right on hoppers . . . nuthin' ya couldn't get used to, but in contrast to the top dollar courses, it's hard not to hold a grudge after awhile, what with the no-roll-in-the-fairway and the inconsistent greens.

Easy course to walk, and we do enjoy that.

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