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Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Fry's Electronics Open-2

Mr Science continues . . .

Our standard-bearer was Saydi, a local high school freshman. She has been a standard-bearer at the FBR Open, but always with her dad as her walking scorer. Today was her first solo flight, and she did great, despite a wind that almost got her and the sign airborne at times. At the famous 16th at the FBR, as she was walking to the green, the crowd started chanting "Sign Girl! Sign Girl! Sign Girl!". She waved, and they went nuts. She's having a Halloween party, and going as Marilyn Monroe, because that's who she looks like in her Homecoming dress.

I watched Mike Weir tee off, while I was waiting for my starting time. One of his partners asked him "So, are you still playing left-handed?"

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