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Thursday, October 25, 2007


Fry's Electronics Open- Friday

Mr Science at the FEO:

I had Joe Ogilvie, Charley Hoffman, and Jeff Maggert today. Maggert had an up and down round, with birdies on 3, 4, 5, 8, and 11 to get to -2 Then bogies on 14 and 17, and he's even par for the tournament, on the cut line now. Joe had a down and up round, with a double bogey on 3 and a bogey on 4, but shot 32 on the back (5 birdies, 2 bogeys) to finish at -1. He was complaining constantly about the greens, out loud when I was the only one close to him, as if he wanted to make sure I could hear and would do something about it. I think he has trouble reading Bermuda greens, as I do. I mean, even more trouble than I have on bentgrass or rye, which is considerable. They weren't as soft and nice as most on tour, but they were fast and true, if you could read the break correctly.

Charley is an interesting character. He's the guy with the curly blonde hair down to his shoulders who won the Hope this year in a playoff. In the first 7 holes he had two provisionals off the tee, two unplayable lies, a double bogey on 6 and a triple on 7. Did I mention that I eagled 7 the first time I played it? On 7 he was berating his caddy's math skills for not being able to give him the correct yardage. "Maybe I can't play golf, but you should be able to do the math". But, he kept smiling, and shot even par on the back for a 77. The leaderboards have big video screens now, and they put up pictures of the players, their best finishes on tour this year, their position on the money list, etc. When his picture and stats went up, he said "Now that guy used to be able to play golf."

Joe had bad luck with people not being still and quiet. On probably 10 of his tee shots, they had to tell somebody to stop his cart, stand still, or otherwise be quiet. On 6, in the fairway, during Jeff's backswing, a dog in the back yard of the house next to us started barking. He kept it up for a good 5 minutes. 6 is a par 5, and Jeff was laying up. The other two had to wait until the green was clear, and the dog was barking the whole time. Then on 7, while Charley was taking his drop from an unplayable lie, the woman in the house next to him started yelling at her kids or her husband or somebody who wasn't doing what she wanted them to do. That went on for a few minutes, and amused everyone on the golf course. One of the caddies told his friend who was following along outside the ropes, "Now you know why OJ did it". On 15, some people by the 17th green sounded like they were having a party. They had to be told several times to shut up. Just before starting his backswing, Charley said "Please, cut me some slack here, I'm trying to break 80".

There was a wait on the 14th tee, a drivable par 4, and the players started talking about tour players' experiences with marriage and divorce. They figured the divorce rate was about 60-70% on tour. Then a series of jokes about the subject, culminating in this exchange:

Joe: Are you married?
Charley: No
Joe: What do you do for misery?
(general laughter)
Charley: I play golf

After they signed their cards, Joe asked Charley if they would be seeing him later, and he said "Not unless it's in a bar somewhere". Outside, I asked him if he knew what we said when we don't play as well as we'd like. He said "No, what? F*** it?" So I told him (all together now - "A bad day of golf is better than a good day at work"). He agreed, and then asked "What if golf is your work?" I said "That's the best of all possible worlds." His smile got a little bigger then, and I think he felt better.

I like Charley. He doesn't look like a golfer, but he has a great attitude. He'd be a fun guy to hang with.

Joe signed his ball for me left-handed, even though he plays righty. Maybe that's why he can't putt :)

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