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Thursday, August 23, 2007


Lake Powell

7030 Yds, Slope 145, Par 72, by Phillips Assoc.

Mr & Mrs Science went to Lake Powell for a few days:

The signature hole is the par 3 15th, 170 yards from an elevated tee. 120 feet elevated.

We didn't take those two pictures, they're from a web site I found http://www.golfcoursepics.com/southwest/southwest.html There are some others of our courses there, too. You'll recognize the Boulders, Gold Canyon, and Sedona. We forgot the camera on the first day, then got rained out on the 2nd. So, we have to go back.

I'm always amazed at how big things are here in the West. We stopped at a scenic lookout on the way up and took a few pictures there. You can see a canyon at the bottom of the valley, that's where the Colorado River runs after it leaves Lake Powell. Nice view and all, but like that commercial where the woman picks up the wolf and drops it into the canoe, if you could pick up semis and drop them into that nice little canyon, how many would it take to fill it up? And that one doesn't even have a name. How big is the Grand Canyon?

We took a boat trip up Antelope Canyon, and got a picture of the dam from the water. The white stuff on the rocks is calcium carbonate, which has precipitated out of the water and shows how high it once was. In 1983, the park service judged that the snowfall and runoff would be about normal, so they kept all the lakes on the Colorado nearly full. Then May and June were the wettest ever, and all the dams overflowed, causing lots of flooding downstream. Now, the water level is 95 feet below the full line. So, the white part of those rocks is 95 feet high. The lake is still about 500 feet deep, and the reservoir is 50% full.

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