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Monday, August 06, 2007


Granite Falls South

6839 Yds, par 72, Slope 122, by Greg Nash & Billy Caspar

Very much like the North Course, only MoreSo, if you see what I mean . . . nondescriptively harder than the North Course, enough that I had wound up with a 44-43=87 with no birdies (lots of missed chances) and Mr Science wound up with a 79 and 1 birdie, measurably worse than our North Course Scores, but not much.

I'm hard pressed to remember a hole . . . there was a par 5 with a treacherous green, where the whole back was tiered abruptly lower . . . Mr Science had placed his 3rd short of the hole -- a good shot we tho't, till we got up on the green and saw that he was on an elevated tongue that jutted from the front of the green into that back lower tier . . . intimidating if you knew about it, but devastating if you discovered it by seeing your ball past the pin, off the back of the green . . .

#15 is another hole where prior experience would help . . . a short par 4 with water on 3 sides of the green. Mr Science laid up with a 3wood, while I brazenly went for broke. He left himself only a half-wedge to the green, but mirable dictu, I wound up at the base of the elevated green complex, unexpectedly dry when I tho't I'd pulled my drive into the water. That green is tuff to hit. . . Mr Science's ball ran thru the green almost into trouble and my 2nd, a 7iron chip intended to fall back to the pin from a hump on the left seemed to break up hill and run off into the fringe on the right. I just lagged my birdie effort towards the pin, grateful to have it stop in gimme distance.

For some reason, I double bogeyed both #9 & #18, for no good reason at all -- I honestly feel like that's 4 strokes on my score right there, but then again, I can't visualize either hole . . .

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