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Monday, July 09, 2007


Rancho Manana Again



We went back, not only because it is my fave, but also in hope that the higher elevation would make for a lower temperature . . . the QOG judged not . . . we didn't tee off until 8:30, which means it was afternoon before we finished . . . while it was true that the AC & Tontoritas in the Tonto bar were refreshing, she felt it did not completely alleviate the heat stress.

Mrs Cactus had never seen the course before, so it was fun to see it again thru her eyes: the awesome views from the high tees on the front 9, the boggling changes in elevation on #s 7 & 9, the staggering shot values on every hole.

I had an 82, with 2 birdies; the second was on #10, a 514 yd Par 5. . . I only had 190 left for my second (note: therefore, drive of 324 yds), and I lashed a 7wood right up on the green (I admit I tho't I'd missed it right). A micro second after I hit my 9 ft eagle putt, Mr Science said, "Good Birdie". Worst Eagle putt of my life. Foot-and-a-half short out of 9 ft.

Mr Science ground and grumbled his way to an 84, demonstrating his implacable imperturbility and bulldog tenacity . . . I'm not sure he even had his c-game . . . he was all over the place, but still found a way to score, whereas when I stumble, nothing will help but what I will fall, like on #12, a very artful hole, with a blind landing area that slopes down to a dry wash in front of the green. I guess it might have been PBFU from #10, or the 3putt bogey on #11 that set me up, but I yanked my drive on #12 well left. Amazingly enough it was still on the grass, 150 yds from the green, but first I bladed a 7 iron into a palo verde in front of me, then I topped a 9 iron into a bush in the dry wash. A drop, a chunk, and another 3putt saw me thru to my snowman. Couldn't capitalize on good luck like Mr Science, and in fact, made my situation worse every time I swung. I dunno.

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