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Sunday, May 13, 2007



Played at the Sanctuary on Mother's Day with Mrs Science, the Queen of Golf, and Mrs Cactus .

Stumbled around myself to a 46-45=91 without making any putts; Mrs Cactus made an astonishing number of bogies for such a beginner to close with a 104, using a Generous Scoring Method . . . we don't require her to hit out of bunkers, yet; Mr Science grumbled his way to mid-80s, I reckon; the QOG, working on a new swing from a 10 minute lesson on Saturday carded an even 100, despite the damage the lesson did to her confidence, but she seemed happy by the end of the day with her driving . . . . Mr Science told his instructor-for-10-minutes he wanted to hit his drives further. . . after watching him hit, all the guy could say was "Tee it up higher" -- Mr Science's technique is perfect (he said the tape on his driver showed perfect center-hits). His instructor was a Ping Salesman, so he also recommended switching to Pings . . . 8^D. . .

I say I didn't make any putts -- I did make one Texas Wedge, on #11 . . . after mangling #10, again, for like the 4th time in a row, I definitely planned to hit my driver on #11, to bleed off a little red-ass, as we used to call it back in Texas . . . but what surprised me was that Mr Science pulled out his driver, too . . . #11 is just a short little downhill par 4, as you can kinda tell from this screen shot from my Jack Nicklaus Game . . . there's not a green hill in the background -- in real life it would be brown and further back -- Mr Science normally plays a tactically conservative strategy -- scientific, if you see what I mean -- so normally, he would hit a 5 iron, then a wedge, and plan on missing a birdie with a lip-out or burnt edge if he didn't make it, but lately, those 5 irons on #11 have been wandering over onto the mounds that obscure that sandtrap on the right, so encouraged by his 10 minute lesson, I guess he figgered it was worth a try when the pin was on the right front like today.

And he did hit an entirely satisfactory shot about 20 yds short of the green on the right, past the bunker.

I took my semi-new King Cobra Driver and hammered it right down between the traps at the right side of the green, practically up on the frog hair.

Mr Science deftly chipped his ball up on the green with a graceful roll that lipped out softly -- almost an eagle.

I had a great read and it seemed like nothing for me to use my putter from off the green straight up the hill and into the hole.

I'd had an eagle, once before, on a par 5, by myself, in a practice round . . . but this had witnesses . . . very pleasing.

As we left the green, I said, “now, I’m only 7 Eagles behind Mr Science!”

“Still be 8 if I hadn’t lipped out!” Mr Science growled.

“Yep, That WOULD have been debilitatin’, to not gain ground” . . . .8^D. . .

As we studied our birdie putts on the par 3 #12, the QOG remarked to Mrs Cactus, "At least they're not so grumpy anymore!" . . . 8^D . . .

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