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Monday, April 16, 2007


Mrs Cactus' First Real Par

We went down to Rocky Point / Puerto Penasco, at the top of the Sea of Cortez, where Mexico, Arizona, & California meet, sorta, on an overnight golf trip . . . bussed down Saturday Morning, played Saturday Afternoon, had dinner, went to bed, got up and played Sunday Morning, bussed back to PHX, had dinner, went to bed.

Golf course is sort of awesome, a semi-links layout, but the wind was just howling . . . like a 4 club wind at times. This was the 3rd time Mrs Cactus had played, 2nd time on a "real" golf course. It was hard for her at times, just remembering the 80 things I've told her, never mind a hard golf course in the wind, but she has a great attitude . . . like she told her friends, who wondered whether foozling and chunking the ball didn't embarrass her -- "Nah, After being married to Cactus all this time, nothing embarrasses me anymore!"


So there on the 17th tee, after 34 holes of golf she was pretty tired, but still plugging away, and hit a beautiful shot to this green (just 109yds), into the humps on the right side. The ball kinda deadened, then rolled off the hump onto the green, caromed off the first tier slope, back to pin high on the left side of the green, bout 15 ft away.

The pin was down on the lower shelf in this picture.She made a good birdie putt, but those greens were tuff. Right speed, for an easy tap-in par.

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