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Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Mr Science Blogs, Again

I have to add to yesterday's entry.

I really enjoy doing walking scoring, being inside the ropes with the players. I didn't mean to imply that because they were working and concentrating that it wasn't still fun. I've never had a bad experience with any of them, even when they were most focused on their game. The least congenial was Phil when he was winning by 1. Nothing could have spoiled that day, walking with the last group on Sunday. Most pros won't start a conversation with the walking scorer, but Deane Pappas started chatting with me before we even got to the first fairway, saying how much nicer it was not only to be playing on the weekend, but to have a late starting time!

Playing a casual round with a pro, though, is way more fun. Even in a pro-am, they're working, maybe not working so hard on their own game, but working on being a host and giving their team its money's worth. Playing with Megan and Karen was different. Hitting from the same tees as the pro, and comparing my game to hers, and almost keeping up a good part of the time, winning a hole or two, hitting a longer drive or two, and hearing her say "nice shot" or "nice par" the way they say it to each other, and generally being treated like they treat each other, and we treat each other. It was very special.

Playing with my Dad, the last time
Playing with my son, the first time
Playing with my wife, anytime
Getting a hole in one, and 7 other eagles
Watching from the 18th fairway, and walking behind Lee and Arnie as they reached the green together, surrounded by 100,000 people in the 50th anniversary GHO past champions pro-am

I'd hate to have to rank all these experiences, but Sunday's round has to be added to the list.

Oh, and the birdies. The Golfing Queen had the first one, but Megan had all the rest. Three, if my feeble memory is accurate. And a couple of burned edges, and a couple of very good par saves.

And one more story. On 15, Megan hit it 2 feet below the hole, and Karen and I were 30 feet past the pin, which was cut in the front, just over the trap which sits between the green and the water. Almost an ace. Karen said "At least we didn't leave ours short."

Megan birdied 16, too. Short on the approach again, though 8^)

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