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Monday, March 26, 2007


Safeway International Day 3

Mr Science continues:

We started out this morning on Round 2, which was called on account of darkness last night. I was there at 6:00 in the cold, wet darkness. Waiting for a ride out to 13, I saw Christa Johnson, who I kept score for on Thursday and who, you will remember, had the high round of the day with 85. She was still only 13 over par, and was there to play her last few holes in the rain before going home for the weekend. I said to her, "It must have been tempting to call in sick this morning". And she said "Champions don't do that". My kinda gal. I heard later on that the guy with her is not her husband, but that they were planning to get married this weekend. I wonder how that would have worked out if she had made the cut.

Vicki Goetze-Ackerman didn't make it. She has an 18-month-old son who had gotten sick back home in Florida on Thursday night, so she withdrew and went home after play was called on Friday. Her ball was still on the 13th fairway, though, where we had left it. So I got to keep that one, too. They had all three given me a ball Friday night, because I
didn't think I would be back with them this morning. So, now I have two of Vicki's. She marks them like this:

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