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Friday, March 23, 2007


Safeway International, day 2

MR Science replays a long, weather-tortured day:

I had Vicki Goetze-Ackerman, Jackie Gallagher-Smith, and Aram Cho today. We got to the 13th fairway when they blew the horn for darkness. It was a late start because they didn't finish yesterday.

Aram was hanging close to the cut line, but made a bogey on 12. She's 5 over, when she was +4 she was tied for 74th. Vicki and Jackie are both +10, and still having a good time. You don't see that on the PGA tour. Vickie is the president of the LPGA. When they called play, they sent carts out to pick us up, and I rode in the front seat with Vickie and Jackie and the driver. There were 10 of us in two carts.

I helped Paula Creamer make a par on 3, before my group went out. She had hit onto the green, about 30 feet from the pin, and then Nicole Castrale hit a shot that hit Paula's ball and knocked it about 15 feet farther from the hole. They couldn't see from the fairway what had happened, so when they arrived at the green they just marked their balls and got ready to play. Paula's caddy was standing near me, so I told him what had happened, and helped her (so did some other spectators) replace her ball where it had been before it was hit. She made a good first putt, and tapped it in.

I was thinking I should get an autographed ball or something, but all I got was a thank you from the caddy. I'll have to track them down tomorrow or Sunday and ask about that. Paula is -2, tied for 12th.

I watched Annika, too. She shot 32 on the front to get to -3, and is tied for 8th. On 11, we heard a roar when Lorena eagled 13 to go to -9, leading by 2 (just 1 now, though).

I talked to Taylore Karle's dad. They live in Desert Mountain. She's 16 years old, and is +5 with 4 holes to play. Christa Johnson is even par today through 16, and no longer in last place, or even 2nd to last. Natalie shot 72 today but missed the cut (+6).

Cactus Dave is walking tomorrow. He's going out pretty early, and his favorite golfer, Hilary Lunke, is on the cut line at +3 through 10 holes today.

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