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Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Yawn, another Eagle for Mr Science

One of my golf buddies from Connecticut retired to Sun City Grand, so when I moved out here I looked him up. We played one weekend morning with two of his new cronies. We had a small 6-6-6 match going, and Tom was my partner for the first 6 holes. He birdied the first. On the second, I hit my drive into the desert on the left side. Tom told me about the "desert rule", in case I didn't have a "desert club" to hit. I said "They're all desert clubs". I had a decent lie, so I played it. It was a blind shot, 150 yards to the center. I made solid contact, sending the ball in the general direction of the green. Our opponents were in their cart at the top of the hill, watching, and as we approached they said "We have to talk about this match". I asked, "What, did it go onto the green?". That's when they told me it was in the hole for an eagle. It wasn't my first eagle, but it was the first one not on a par 5.

Tom won all the money that day, I lost only a little after we won the first 6 holes.

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