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Sunday, January 14, 2007


Tuscany Falls

Falls / Palms, 6640 yds, Par 72, Slope 126, by Dick Bailey


They Say: "Tuscany Falls was designed by Dick Bailey, noted golf course architect, and showcases dramatic mounding, rolling fairways and strategically placed bunkers. This 18-hole course features the White Tank Mountains as a backdrop to its rolling fairways and palm trees. The signature hole is number 13, where golfers must carry more than 100 yards over water from the tee box to the green. In fact, ten lakes come into play around the course, so bring those water balls!"

We enjoyed our round here, the course is not at all uninteresting -- a solid 3 -- even tho' it's a little strange how the first holes of each 9 are long, but the middle holes are very short, then each 9 finishes with a par 5. I almost had a good round, 46-44=90 while Mr Science had his standard 79. I tho't I was going to set a new personal best for missed birdie putts, but it was a day where tho my fairway woods were excellent, around the green I constantly flubbed like a stooge, especially on the Par 5s.

Honestly cannot remember any holes there, just snapshots of some of my great shots -- the course is not memorable, but it is very walkable and challenging enough.

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