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Sunday, December 17, 2006


Almost A Great Round

The Sanctuary, again, 6624 yds, Par 71, Slope 139, by Heckenkemper

I shot 40-48=88, with 11 pars, 1 Bogie, 3 Double-Bogies, 2 Triple Bogies, and one Quadruple.

I parred #6 & #7 in the same round for the first time.

I had 6 one-putt greens, and holed a dozen putts ranging from 1 to 20 ft.

I striped every drive 250-260 with the wind; 230-240 against . . . only two drifted right into trouble, and I parred both of those holes with journeyman-like recoveries.

I missed my only two real birdie chances, on #16 & #17, with burned edges.

The Blowup Holes:

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