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Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Mr Science Makes an Ace

Although Mr Science has had 6 or 8 eagles in his life, he'd never had an Ace. I've seen 2 of his eagles; I've seen him leave a dozen par-3 tee shots inches from the hole; I've seen him hole out from off the green from impossible lies -- lately at least once a round, but not an Ace, but now he says:

I played at Continental today. It's an Executive course, par
60. I shot 61. Had a 1 on the 15th hole. 123 yards, 9 iron. The pin
was behind the trap, so I didn't see it go in, but I told Doug on the tee
"it could be in the hole".
I swear that it is more-than-mere jealously that drives me to point out how inadequate this anecdote is -- I suppose Mr Science's basic Paganican modesty forbids reveling t-o-o-o much in this accomplishment, but -- IF we have to endure other people's golf anecdotes, do we not prefer that they be lively Bunyanesque tales, not dry accountings?

F'rinstance, this excerpt from my own Pilgrim's Progress!

What's amazing to me is how well Mr Science copes with success -- everyone else I know that got an Ace was having and did have one of their worse rounds. . . 8^0. . .

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