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Monday, November 13, 2006



6713 Yds, par 72, Slope 120,

by Gary Panks: http://tinyurl.com/lrck3

It is so odd, how so little information about this course is available on the internet . . . don't they want people to find them? When there are so many courses in The Valley, the competition is fierce, are they just biding their time, till some developer will build condos on the fairways -- I mean IN the fairways?
Photography: http://www.golfcoursephotography.com/results.asp
Golfweb: http://www.golfweb.com/courseguide/ocdata?st=detail&gwid=15493

King of Greens: http://www.kingofthegreens.com/kotg/kg_reviews.php?action=view&id=5

Johnny Bulla: http://www.ahwmag.com/article_display.php?sid=73
The problem with courses with so little information on the web, is that we forget we already played 'em and don't want to go back, like this one, we just weren't rating courses yet and had no record.
There's nothing seriously wrong with the course, it's just a very ordinary Gary Panks course, meaning rather monotonous hole appearances and treacherous greens . . . to give it positive spin, one could say that the course was subtle in its challenges, but that the woolly, post over-seeding condition of the course disguised those subtleties.
We just had a vague sense of deja vu up to the 13th hole, then we knew we'd been there before: a longish par 3 with the green elevated, not above the tee, but above the smoothed-over arroyo in front. Large boulders decorate the breastworks around the front of the green for a distinctive, if not very intimidating look.
We remembered the next hole, too, that doubles back parallel to 13 along the wash that separates them -- I don't know why.
That is, I don't know why we remembered that very ordinary hole, not why does it double back, if you know what I mean. . . 8^). . .
I was scraping it around without distinction, up until the last 3 holes, when I suddenly got my swing into synch, nearly birdiing #16 and #18, and nearly parring #17 -- missed all 3 putts by a total of an inch, due, no doubt to the disguised Pankreatic nature of the greens, even all woolly-like. I finished with an 89; Mr. Science with his usual pragmatic 41-41=82.
Good course to walk.

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