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Thursday, October 05, 2006


Mission Royale

They Say: "A Greg Nash designed course where golfers can expect a scenic, playable layout that blends seamlessly with the area`s natural surroundings. Mission Royale is an integral part of Meritage Corporation`s new 835 acre active adult development."

6700 Yds, Slope 122, Par 72

Imagine a Sun City Course transplanted to Chandler, to the glee of aged golfers all over South Phoenix; imagine that it is Cimarron, also by Greg Nash. I don't think you'd be far wrong. That wouldn't be a bad thing, for it is very like but also different. I've wound up rating it a 3, while Mr Science gives it a 4, because of disorganized operations, no warm up balls, and architectural issues with the course, especially #18.

Course, it was 6am, the Starter just said, "Soon as you can see, you can tee off. . . ". And it was a mite chilly, too, I was glad I had my sleeveless windbreaker with the Papago Logo on it. Mr Science had to air-swing (like air guitar) to warm up (both limber up and keep his blood moving). He probably never really got going to play the way he thinks he ought to play all the time -- too cold, but still he methodically shot his 44-44=88, with only 4 pars. I had a 46-42=88, with 4 pars and a birdie on 18.

Even 'fore we teed off on 18, Mr Science was dissing it as a finishing hole, "Lookatit!" he pointed from the tee, "a straightaway reachable par 4. THAT's going to make for some excitement!" 8^P

And sure enough, he hit 5iron-9iron onto the green and two-putted for par. Woo Hoo.

Oh, wait a minute that gives him a 44-43=87 -- I'm pretty sure he parred there.

I, OTOH, hit a half driver 60 yds short of the green, then a half-wedge 4 ft below the hole, almost a one-hander for birdie.

"I don't know about you," I said to Mr Science, "but I AM excited." . . . 8^D. . .

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