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Monday, August 28, 2006


The Queen of All Golf Rules

from Mrs Science, our Golf For Women correspondent:

Yahoo! I made my golfing goals for the summer and before Labor Day too. The goal was to play Sanctuary, WeKoPa, and the three AZ. women friendly coarses listed in Golf for Women magazine (#1-The Boulders in Carefree, #25-Troon North Pinnacle course, #41-TPC of Scottsdale Desert Course). It doesn't sound like much of a goal until you factor in monsoons, excessive heat, and vacation time.

Sanctuary is a little hidden jewel. It is a course surrounded by neighborhood houses and it's a bird sanctuary, hence the name. The course is kept in great shape and it is definitely women friendly. Some arroyos to hit over but makeable. It's a great deal during the summer with $29 for 18 holes including lunch and you can order anything off the lunch menu. Good food, too.

WeKoPa is a beautifully maintained course with fabulous desert views. No houses around the course since it's Indian reservation land. Gorgeous views of the Four Peaks Mountains. It has the potential to be women friendly. There are tee boxes that are not marked or on the score cards that were probably used previously and thought to be too easy and were retired. If they brought them back I would be very happy. The current ladies tees have quiet a few long arroyos to hit over.

The Boulders in Carefree is a great course. It's beautiful and definitely women friendly. No surprises. The ladies room has nice treats from their Golden Door Spa. You can try out their hand lotions and sun screens, etc. The staff at the golf course is exceptionally nice. They are not allowed to take tips and they still go out of their way to help everyone.

Troon North is the most beautiful course. It has picture perfect holes and every time you think you are looking at their signature hole another one comes along that is even more beautiful. Some of the holes are surrounded by HUGE homes that you can only gawk at. However,it should not be on Golf for Womens list at all. It is evil and not women friendly at all. Giant rock formations and loooooooong arroyos to hit over. Ugh!

TPC of Scottsdale desert course is well maintained and women friendly. No unexpected surprises there for golf but you could get scared with all of the planes taking off and landing over the course from Scottsdale airport next door. I would rank this course as #25 and drop Troon North down to #41.

That's all the golf comments for this summer.

Golf For Women

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