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Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Mr Science Finds A Kindred Spirit

or IS it?

Mastering the golf swing is by no means a simple task. However, the frustration experienced by many weekend hackers stems from the lack of knowledge as to the science of golf as it does the application of precise mechanics . . . Read More

Mr Science plays hooky without me -- his wife instead -- at Sanctuary.

"I shot 76 today. One triple bogey (on 8. 3-wood left, just over the cart path in the desert. Bladed lob wedge over the green into the lake. Easy chip and 2-putt.)

Three birdies: 8 feet on 1, 10 feet on 5, 8 feet on 11. Ms Science birdied 5, too.

Missed Birdie putts: 10 feet on 3, 32 feet on 4, 32 feet on 10, 22 feet on 12, 10 feet on 14, 8 feet on 18.

Missed Par putts: 8 feet on 6, 23 feet on 7, 12 feet on 16, 10 feet on 17.

Couldaben a 67. The greens were a little bumpy, the Bermuda's not quite grown in yet.

Ms. Science almost made par on 8. Tee shot in the water, 6-wood (from the tee) 4 feet dead behind the hole, made the putt for virtual birdie."

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