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Sunday, May 07, 2006


Las Colinas

6655 Yds, Par 71, Slope 120
Mike Asmundson ("lives in Scottsdale, AZ, has 18 years of experience working on numerous distinctive golf courses throughout the United States, Asia and South America. His resume includes the highly respected Coeur d' Alene Golf Course in Idaho, working with Scott Miller, and the complete restoration of the historic Alister MacKenzie Golf Course at Haggin Oaks in Sacramento, CA." )

They say: "The Las Colinas Golf Club Features a dynamic landscape. One that designer and architect Mike Asmundson found offered all the elements of a challenging yet playable course. With numerous mature trees, native grasses and plants, even the obstacles have never been so inviting. An imposing mountain range backs one hole - a par 5 dogleg. Two other holes are played lakeside. And there are greens separated by desert washes, where you may catch a glimpse of local fauna. "

One doesn't know what to expect . . . famous and prestigeous golf courses on the CV, but most-if-not-all seem to be have very moderate greens fees -- I think I admire that -- but are these courses bargains, or are they poorly designed, built, & maintained?

Mr. Science over the last couple months:
Talking Stick -- 82
Eagle Mountain -- 90
Apache Creek -- 75
Dobson Ranch -- 80
Tatum Ranch -- 86
Arizona Traditions -- 89
Rancho Manana -- 84
Falcon -- 73
Villa De Paz -- 74
sort of on a tear, specially the last 3 outings. So he was looking forward to this week, where we had scheduled two games, one Sunday and one Wednesday. Very confident.

This continued at Las Colinas, where he carded a 37-37=74, with 2 birdies & an Eagle. I had a 41-43=84. I didn't even notice I was having a "good" round for me, Mr. Science's game was so good. Where he made his eagle by chipping in on the Par 5 5th hole, I made par; it felt like a bogey.

He attributes this surge to the data tracking he learned from this Golf Digest article . . . that he can read a golf magazine without screwing up his game still amazes me . . . he loves golf tips and is constantly trying to improve his game . . .
that he can apply this "science" and actually bring down his score . . . that's why I call him Mr. Science . . . 8~)

I can't remember any of the holes, in particular, at Las Colinas -- and Mr. Science joked he could only remember one: his Eagle Hole -- but I think that's only because it's a pretty good layout over some rather uninteresting ground . . . that is the golf holes are not boring, nor very interesting. Doesn't seem like there was ever any doubt in my mind where to hit the ball: that psychological factor that McKinzie was so good at -- of whom everybody else is in imitation -- and that is what is the essence of Golf Design, of a Great Golf Course, I mean.

Doubt is the one enemy no Golfer can ever completely conquer -- like Tango Partners at the Hotel California.

Mr. Science Magnaminously Consoled me on the way home, "There's a very thin line between a scrambling par and a tap-in bogey . . . I'm on one side and you're on the other!" 8~D

I wasn't that impressed with the clubhouse or the cafe, but my bacon & egg sandwich was made and served very promptly, and even tho' it seemed kinda messy, there was nothing wrong with the way it tasted and it didn't give me hearburn. Verdict: Good but not Great.

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