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Saturday, January 21, 2006


Mrs Science Makes 2 Birdies

Mr & Mrs Science played Continental today. She had a career best 87.

There was supposed to be a foursome in front of us, but only two teed off. We got to the first green, and they were still waiting on the 2nd tee so I was practicing putting and one if them asked if we wanted to join them, so we did.

2 is 118 yards from the ladies tee. Mrs Science hit a 3-wood that hit the cart path, bounced on the bridge which spans the ditch, and ran up onto the green, about 15 feet from the hole. She made the putt for a birdie. It was her second birdie ever.

Oliver was an experienced golfer, and was giving Tim tips about how to move his shoulders and things during the swing. Tim was all over the golf course, long enough but not straight at all.

I birdied 3, and was thinking of asking the two guys "So, you wanna play a little 4-ball? Maybe $50 a side?" But I thought better of it.

On 14, 188 yards, I hit a 3-iron that went left, hit the cart path about 20 feet short of pin high, and bounced to the top of the ridge, a foot from going over the retaining wall and into the street behind the hole. I was 20 yards beyond the green, 20 feet above the level of the green, which sloped away from me, and short-sided. I chipped a 7-iron down the hill, one bounce in the rough, 2nd bounce on the cart path, and onto the green. My 12-foot downhill putt broke 2 feet and went in for par.

17 is 135 from the ladies tee, and Mrs Science hit a driver that landed short of the canal, bounced in the concrete bottom of the canal, and up onto the green, ending up 3 feet behind the hole. She missed the pin by less than a foot as it went by. She made that one, too, for her second birdie of the day.

As we left the green, she said "concrete is my friend".

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