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Wednesday, December 14, 2005



Like a Wodehouse character, Mr. Science persists in playing golf with his wife. It doesn't really cut into our rounds, we just play the other day of the weekend, but what with the holidays now, and the harsh impositions of employment, I haven't time to play even that one day, right now.

Mr Science tho', keeps his game sharp at executive courses in these rounds with his wife, to witten:

I shot 64 at Continental on Saturday. It's Par 60, 3766 yards.

After a bad chip and a bogey at 2, I made my first birdie on 4 (338 yards) with a 7-wood approach to 2 feet. On the 6th, a 182-yard par 3 I almost lost my tee shot in a depression in the tall rough right of the green. My chip came out hot and went over the green. Then a perfect flop shot navigated the 6-foot break as it rolled down the steep slope and into the front of the cup for a par. Bogeys on 7 and 8 left me with 32 on the front, 2 over par.

On 10, a par 4, I hit a 9 iron to 10 feet for birdie, and on 11, 158 yards, I drained the 20-footer from the back fringe to get back to even par after 11 holes. I think that's the latest in any round that I've been even par. I've had 9 holes 1 under, and 8 holes 2 under, but I don't think I ever went past 9 at even or better. (My wife was with me and keeping our scores when I was 2 under through 8, with 7 pars. "What did you have on that hole?" "3". "Oh, good job....Isn't that a par 5?")

So, for the last 7 holes I hit 3 greens, and had 7 two-putts. Kind of disappointing, even for me. I had chances. On 12, I left a par putt on the lip. On 14 I missed a 20-footer for birdie. On 15, I missed a short one for par. 16, my drive went dead against the trunk of a big tree. There are not many trees on this course (or in this state) that can hurt you. I putted left-handed to an open spot in the rough, and hit an 8-iron to 12 feet. Missed that one, too. On 18 I pureed a 5-iron from the left rough (right foot on the cart path) over the green for the finishing bogey.

It's the third time I've shot 4-over for 18, but the other two were on par 71 and 72 courses, so I don't think this one ties for my best ever score, but it's close.

Kind of exhilarating, idn't. Even for a dog-track like the continental.

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