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Monday, August 08, 2005


Superstition Springs Golf Club


7005 yds, Par 72, Slope 130, by Greg Nash.


Not so well maintained as it deserves right now, a little bit shaggy and the sand traps were largely in very poor condition, as if the monsoon rain we'd gotten recently had overwhelmed the staff. Except that the staff is AGC http://americangolf.com/play/index.cfm, one could give them some slack.

Greg Nash has done a lot of arizona courseshttp://www.golfweb.com/courseguide/ocdata?srchkey=advanced&couky=&pk=&hhk=NON&staky=&cntyky=&citky=&prox=&pdist=5&punit=mi&zipky=&ik=&phoky=&bk=any&lk=greg+nash&gk=
including, apparently, Gold Canyon (one, both?), so I have to believe the problems I had were not just my bad golf but also the course being harder than I realized. . . it lacks the threatening eye danger of a desert-course, with wide greenbelts & fairways, but there's lots of water, and some artful elevation changes. The par 5s are very long, the par 3s awkward to hit into, and many of the par 4s require some local knowledge. We couldn't have gotten around at all without some help, and as I say, even at that, I didn't get around that well.

Everytime I'd feel like I was getting my rhythm, the course would throw me for a loop -- I wound up with an even 100, while Mr. Science had an 86 -- like when I almost chipped in for a birdie on the par 5 # 11 -- hit 4 great shots and still wound up with only a par -- then go to the par 3 # 12, a very extreme example of the redan-style, but with traps only in front and huge mounds surrounding the green, and all of it elevated 30 or 40 feet above the tee -- a very intimidating shot when you first see it. None of our foursome even got inside mounds, a very large target, to miss.

The more I think about it the better the course seems than it did while I was floundering around on it. It all (including the course and the clubhouse) has a kind of gentile dilapidation, in an Old South kind of way, if you see what I mean, rather than a Arizona feel to it, with a deceptively easy appearance that belies it's difficulty.

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