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Monday, August 15, 2005


Ancala Country Club

uh, @7000 yds, Par 72, Slope 138
Pete Dye Resume (106 entries):

Played here on a "Member for a Day" program -- What A Good Idea! First rate facility, staff, and golf course.

I personally do not care for the artificial mounding with unnatural, hard-to-mow shapes, nor, of course, the dang ubiquitous railroad ties.

I personally do not care for the "signature" pairing of #9 & #18 around a water hazard with Florida-styled bulkheading (railroad ties, natch). It looks wrong, to me, here in Arizona. Some of the football sized bunkers seem misplaced here to me too -- on some par 3s they don't even come into play with a horrible shot, but there they are, just for "visual" appeal, I guess.

There is no contesting that Ancala is a great golf course, tho', a VERY steep challenge. These guys we played with, friends of Mr. Science, from out west in Sun City, complained about the punitive & cramped fairways, but to us, they seemed almost generous after several rounds at The Sanctuary, not to mention, most recently, SunRidge. There is nothing subtle about the undulations either in the fairway nor on the greens. Compared to some of the second tier courses, like say, Talking Stick, The Phoenician, Starfire, or any of a dozen "sun city retiree courses", one can see why those other courses are condemned for being flat and uninteresting.

I provided merriment to my playing companions -- or at least distraction from their own wretched failures -- with my perpetual exposure to uneven lies and Vijay-at-the-PGA "Violent lip-outs". I offered to tutor them on uneven lies, but they declined, & said they could get into trouble on their own. . . 8^D. . .

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