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Wednesday, February 02, 2005


The Kokopelli Golf Stance

Ko-ko-pel-li (kô kô pel´ lê) n. {der. Hopi "kokopilau" (koko = wood, pilau = hump)} the humpbacked Flute Player, mythical Hopi symbol of fertility, replenishment, music, dance, and mischief.
The mysterious Kokopelli character is found in a number of Native American cultures, being especially prominent in the Anazasi culture of the "Four Corners" area. The figure represents a mischievous trickster or the Minstrel, spirit of music. Kokopelli is distinguished by his dancing pose, a hunchback and flute. His whimsical nature, charitable deeds, and vital spirit give him a prominent position in Native American mysticism.
Kokopelli has been a sacred figure to Native Americans of the Southwestern United States for thousands of years. Found painted and carved on rock walls and boulders throughout this region, Kokopelli is one of the most intriguing and widespread images to have survived from ancient Anasazi Indian mythology, and is a prominent figure in Hopi and Zuni legends. Kokopelli is also revered by current-day descendants including the Hopi, Taos and Acoma pueblo peoples.

There is, natcherally 'nuff, a Kokopelli Golf course here.
I think the reviews match the mixed feelings we had. . .so often, for so many of these courses, the biophysical obstacles to growing grass in extreme desert conditions overwhelm the design.

But what I remember, of course, was the oracular rubric from the starter after he watched me tee off on # 1: "Jeez, you look like a Kokopelli when you swing!".

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