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Saturday, February 05, 2005


Grey Hawk

Played Grey Hawk with two guys from the office last summer; Great Deal: Round and a Meal, and the coolest looking ballmark-repair-tools ever: looks like a Raptor's Talon: not very comfortable in your pocket, tho'!

One of the guys I call The Defenestrator, after our adventure at The Sanctuary. He hates the nickname, and he looks like a gorilla in pastel golf clothes -- huge forearms -- but I tease him anyway.

The other, I call Rasputin.
Just leave it at that till all the court cases have been resolved. . .8^). . .

I tho't it was just me. . .I remember the course being incredibly hard, but I can't remember a single hole. Tho' the course is kinda long, I do seem to recollect that keeping the ball in play (out of the desert) was MUCH more important. The reviews here at GolfWeb re-inforce that.

You can also tell that there's two kinds of golfers out here:
1) Them that don't care about anything but the quality of the Golf, and,
2) Them that enjoy a Total Golf Experience;
sort of like the people that just want to see a football game, and the people that want a Super Bowl Experience.

It is very interesting to me how a designer makes a desert course difficult over a relatively flat terrain with no trees and with very little water; it really is different fom the Links and Park styles. And these are two very hard courses; both slope over 140, an objective measurement that mitigates complaints about the course design: the tricks on the golfers' vision is the art. The ability to "ignore the peril" is what separates the good golfers from the bad -- this is what makes the course interesting to the good golfer. Maybe after I play these courses about 6 times the subtleties will reveal themselves and I'll remember the holes.

That day at Grey Hawk they were hosting some tournament for teenage girls. We saw the leaderboard, and there were amazing scores posted, 6 or 8 below. I think they were playing from the white tees, too, some of them had been moved up 40 or 50 yards.

Raptor: http://www.golfweb.com/courseguide/ocdata?st=detail&gwid=33839

Talon: http://www.golfweb.com/courseguide/ocdata?st=detail&gwid=15543

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